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10 Notable Antiques & Collectibles Magazines You Should Be Reading About


Antiquities and collectibles present a rich field of study for any serious collector, and to assist this pursuit we provide this list of 10 exceptional magazines for antique collectors devoted to this world.

Antique Collecting Magazine

The Antique collecting magazine is published in Britain. Whether seasoned connoisseurs or novice explorers, Antique Collecting Magazine can guide them all along this timeless journey into uncovering past elegance for exploration.

Art & Antiques Magazine

Art & Antiques Magazine is popular with the readers involved in the international art market. Art news stories cover every facet of the art world – such as business practices, museum exhibitions, and new discoveries that shape history.

The Magazine Antiques

Since 1922, The Magazine ANTIQUES has been recognized as an authoritative resource on fine and decorative arts, architecture, preservation, interior design, and interior decor in America.

Antiques And The Arts Weekly

Since 1963, Antiques and The Arts Weekly has been the nation’s foremost weekly publication dedicated to the Antiques and Arts trade, both printed and online. As one of our founding publications, Antiques and The Arts Weekly has provided newsworthy updates as well as critical details in these industries since we first appeared. 

Journal of Antiques and Collectibles

If you are a person who is deeply interested in antiques or you are a collector of ancient items then this magazine is right for you. It provides good information about all the things that are related to vintage items. It is like an all-in-one stop for vintage and antique questions.  Now in its 30th decade.

Antique Toy World Magazine

Since the seventies, Antique Toy World has been the leading publication for toy collectors worldwide. Published monthly since its founding by Dale Kelley as editor and publisher in the USA since 1970, Antique Toy World also includes an auction section where items offered for sale can be bid on.

Antiques To Vintage

This publication was started in 1984, by Antique Trader and has been an indispensable companion for collectors. Covering everything from furniture and ceramics to vintage toys and coins – as well as price guides, expert advice, and profiles of prominent collectors – Antique Trader is an indispensable companion.

The Magazine Antiques

Do you appreciate elegance and timeless beauty? Then The Magazine Antiques is tailored just for you.

Antique Collecting Magazine: Art of Acquisition

Antique Collecting Magazine explores the art and practice of collecting antiques. Through profiles of collectors, tips for building collections, and reviews of notable exhibitions and auctions – Antique Collecting Magazine serves both experienced as well as novice collectors of antiques.

Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles: 

Comprehensive Guide Warman’s is an extensive guide covering an incredible variety of collectibles – everything from pottery and jewelry to comic books and memorabilia is covered here! It truly covers every facet.

What Magazine Is Right for Me? 

With an endless choice of publications available today, how can we select one that’s just the right fit? Keeping these factors in mind may help when selecting an ideal magazine for us.

The Points that You Need to Keep in Mind

  • Your Collectible Interests: Be mindful of which types of collectibles pique your interest most as various magazines offer coverage on specific categories while some provide generalized information on a range of collectibles.
  • Depth of Information: Do you prefer in-depth articles and analyses or quick tips and price guides? 
  • Frequency: Different magazines publish at different intervals; some may appear monthly while others might come out quarterly or biannually.

Before selecting your information sources, take into account your needs when making your selection.

Where Can You Locate These Magazines

All of these magazines can be found at usual places like bookstores, subscription options, online platforms like Amazon, and company sites. You can also apply for the online version of these magazines from their site. 


So, this was the collection of most read and popular antique magazines. If you are an antique collector or are interested in this kind of niche, then you can buy these magazines and gain good knowledge on this subject. Hope you liked the article and we were able to solve your query.


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