Logos: The Sacred Books of the East (50 vols.)

The Sacred Books of the East

Logos Bible Software is offering a 50 volume set of scriptures from Eastern Religions. From Logos.com:

The Hindu system claims twenty-one volumes in this collection, Buddhism ten, and Jainism two. Eight volumes comprise of the sacred books of the Persians, two volumes represent Islam, and the remaining six represent the two main indigenous systems of China: Confucianism and Taoism.

You have until tomorrow (Friday 3/25) at noon (Pacific time) to bid on this product. It was going for $80 and is now down to $65. The more people who bid on this the lower the cost will be!

If you are interested in studying apologetics or comparative religion this will be a very useful resource once it is completed.

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The Book of Judges is coming to Logos’ Mobile Ed

Check out the following link if you are interested in studying the Book of Judges, taught by Daniel Block (professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College).


At present it is available for community pricing at $80.