Online Bibles & Bible Apps

You don’t have to buy a physical book in order to read the Bible. There are many free websites and apps which allow you to read and study the Bible. Below are a few which I recommend:


Logos – This app is free and if you sign up for a free account you get access to a number of good study resources. I personally have purchased a number of other books and resources in addition to the free content. Logos is a good, innovative brand and updates their software regularly. [iPhone/iPad] [Android]

Olive Tree Bible – Published by HarperCollins, this app offers 2 free translations and has about 40 or so free book downloads when you register a free account.  More resources are available for purchase in their in-app store. They also offer Apple Watch functionality. [iPhone/iPad] [Android]

YouVersion – Bible, from Life Church, offers a number of reading plans and study tools to assist you in digging deeper into God’s Word. [iPhone/iPad] [Android]


BibliaBiblia is a free logos product which allows you to study your resources in your web browser. My favorite feature is that it has a 2 collumn format and lets you link resources. You can have your bible and a commentary open and as you scroll through your bible the commentary automatically keeps up with the current passage.

Bible GatewayBible Gateway is a resource-rich bible study website. is from the same group who made the YouVersion app. is not an online bible, but I include it here as a starting point for bible study. It will connect you with numerous articles, sermons, and other media which will help you better understand God’s Word.


This Bible article is a part of the Christianity 101 Series.