Quote: John Calvin on Genesis 22

Quote for 3/13/16.  It is popular among critics of Christianity to attack parts of the Bible as though it was inconsistent or contained an immoral directive for believers. Calvin touches on a passage which has suffered unjustly from both charges.

When Abraham said to his son, God will provide, (Gen. 22:8,) he meant not merely to assert that the future event was foreknown to God, but to resign the management of an unknown business to the will of Him whose province it is to bring perplexed and dubious matters to a happy result.

John Calvin and Henry Beveridge, Institutes of the Christian Religion, vol. 1 (Edinburgh: The Calvin Translation Society, 1845), 236.

Contrary to the charge of the critic, they are guilty of inconsistency because they base their criticism of this passage on their unstated denial of the biblical teaching of God’s providence. Had they taken into account the entirety of biblical teaching they would not misrepresent this passage.