Welcome all…again

This is, now, the 3rd incarnation of this website. If you have been directed here by an older link and were unable to find what you came looking for I sincerely apologize.

I hope to re-create Eye On Apologetics even better than before. Where that will take us, I am not yet sure.

I have an affinity for the discipline of apologetics, the defense of the Christianity against attacks from cults, atheists, other religions, etc. I also enjoy Bible study, theological musing, relating theology to current events in the media.

What you will see posted here is the product of an ongoing investigation. I am not a “professional,” to date I have spent more money that I have made back in my apologetic endeavors (yes, this site has ads in the hope that I can off-set a portion of this investment). Regardless, I trust that God will use my efforts to draw unbelievers to himself, to build up his church, to inform the public on topics which may not be a part of everyday discussion (but should be).

My goal is not to offend. You may have to trust me on this. The nature of apologetics (defense), and her twin sister polemics (attack), often evoke strong emotional responses. Addressing the nitty-gritty details of one’s religious beliefs is a tricky task. Parents don’t tell their kids not to touch a flame because they hate them, quite the contrary. Love inspires such discussion. In the same manner, love must inspire both the defense of Christianity and the demonstration of the shortcomings of all else.

Welcome again. Read on. Comments are disabled (a lesson taken from the 1st incarnation of this site). If you want to contact me, check out the Contact page. I can’t promise a response to everyone, but I will read what you have to say. Who knows, I may use your comments as a springboard for a new post!